Terrell Halsey (b. 1993) is an artist/photographer in Philadelphia, PA. A film and media arts graduate of Temple University, he transferred his knowledge of the camera from video to still imagery. As an artist he fuses street, conceptual, documentary, and portraiture to create visual experiences of humanity and better contextualize the world around him. He seeks to progress the voice and representation of black and brown people and use his craft to spark conversations. His work paints realities while also allowing space for reflection, conception, and abstraction.

Halsey has been featured in art exhibitions nationally while also curating experiences himself. Most recently, he was a participating artist in The Painted Bride’s “Power to the Prompt” conversations which resulted in a solo exhibition at Imperfect Gallery Studio (2021). He was featured in Vox Populi’s epublication “Make/Shift” (February 2021), and participated in Social Documentary Network’s online show “From Tulsa to Minneapolis: Photographing the Long Road to Justice” (2021). Over the pandemic shutdown Terrell participated in virtual exhibitions such as Los Angeles Center of Photography’s “Say What You Want to Say”. He also hosted his own online exhibitions with his international artist collective “Shots From The Soul”, one of which was published into a book. Previous to the pandemic he was featured in a juried exhibition by The City of Philadelphia Office of Arts and Culture (2019); at City Hall and co produced a show with his now wife titled “Interaction Project”  (2017). 

As an educator, Terrell had the great opportunity to teach photography and filmmaking to kids from all over the globe, at Julian Krinsky Summer Camp. Commercially, Terrell has worked with Temple University, The African American Museum In Philadelphia, BlackStar Film Festival, Urban Movement Arts, and more. He enjoys connecting with people, whether it be through art or human interaction in general.

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