“Call Home...” is an interactive multimedia exhibition brought forth by The Painted Bride Art Center from Street Photographer Terrell Halsey and Writer/Multi-Disciplinary artist, Nina Elizabeth “Lyrispect” Ball

In their own voice, over 100 residents representing every section of the city and just beyond were asked to answer one simple question: “What's the one thing you would change in your neighborhood if you had a magic wand?” 

Photography, poetic prose, penmanship,projection and sound animate the stories of a diverse sample set of Philadelphians embedded in the landscape of an ever-changing city. Within the context of a global pandemic, heavy urban development and social change, “Call Home” explores the need to connect, to belong, to be understood...and the hopes these individuals have for both the celebrated and forgotten communities they call home. 

Terrell Halsey’s documentary-style photography captures images you can’t ignore. Lyrispect engages poetic storytelling in a way you can't deny. Attendees will have the option to observe or participate in the living exhibit upon arrival. Dial into the untapped lifeline of the city as established residents , documented in their everyday lives speak candidly about the biggest threat and dream of the present and future of Philadelphia.

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